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Sep 24, 2020

So this was a bad news week. But whilst it is so easy to hate certain cisgender people (f**k you Liz Truss) Michelle and Ashleigh reach out to some astonishing cisgender allies!

This week we talked to Josie Long and Owen Jones about how they became aware of trans issues, why all is not lost at the Guardian and why...

Sep 17, 2020


After an extended break Michelle and Ashleigh return to grumble about cis people.

Are we sick of them?

With Shaira Bambi Choudhury (UK Civil Service) and Ciara Murphy (Co-founder of Mindline Trans+).

Link sheet:...

Jun 9, 2020

This week Michelle hands the keys to the show over to Diamond Stylze (Marsha's Plate) as she chats with fellow US black trans people Josephine, Felix and Yannick Taylor (Conversations With The Priestess) as well as UK activist and campaigner Nim Ralph (co-founder QTIPOC London) about Black Lives Matter,...

Jun 1, 2020


We are doing a pride! All through June we will have panels, music and speeches aiming to fill the pandemic pride gap.

This week, Michelle is joined by guest co-host Casey Explosion as we host a panel of trans and non-binary parents!

Also, we cover how to enjoy Harry Potter despite the...

May 19, 2020

To celebrate our 50th episode as a podcast thing Michelle and Ashleigh spill the beans from behind the scenes after two years of accidentally find themselves on the front lines of the UK's never-ending transphobic shit-fit. Also...

The Daily Mail and The Times lie about trans women sexually assaulting cis women in...